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Demo Reels

Here are some examples of demo reels and how they can be used to put your best foot forward to attract (and keep) the attention of the Casting Director!

Student and Indie film reels

1. Indie Film Reel

Here is example of a reel that was brought to me consisting of independent films and shorts. The actor was trying to include all his footage instead of being more selective. MORE is not always BETTER! 

Here is the project re-edited. The focus was to be put on the actor and highlight some good moments, but also leave them wanting more. And just because you shot it and have footage doesn't mean that it all has to go into a reel. 

2. Indie Film Reel Edited

Co-Star vs. Guest Star Reels

3. Co-Star Reel

Here is actor Brian Brightman. Brian has booked many costar roles in his career. Here is what it looks like when we include as many as we can to show that we have worked. 

4. Guest Star Reel

This is the same actor, the same footage, but focused on showing the ACTING of Brian Brightman, vs. the BOOKING of Brian Brightman. He has many credits to his name, but with the number of projects he booked, he doesn't want to only be known as the "COP" That can do under 5 roles. 

Specialized Reels

5. Michael Tow REEL

This is a great reel of Michael Tow. It is over 3 minutes in length and shows many projects with many well known actors!

Here is a comedy reel of Michael so when I am looking for a sitcom character, I can skip the dramatic, serious roles and get right to what I am casting. 

6. Michael Tow- Comedy

Here is a dramatic reel of Michael for when I need an actor to show authority, grit, and intensity. This is perfect if I am casting a court scene and need a lawyer, or a CEO, or a bad guy. 

7. Michael Tow- Dramatic

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