Do I need a demo reel?


YES! Demo reels have become more important in the digital age…Not only do they showcase your talent, they also rank you higher when casting directors are sorting talent through digital submission sites like Actors Access. 


Will student films work?


YES! and NO! Student films are a great way to get footage of yourself to build a demo. Common problems with student films are bad audio, bad lighting, bad acting, and/or bad coverage of the actors. If you can land six to ten student films and get the footage back, I can usually put together a demo reel. What that may mean is going back and creatively editing the raw footage though, so do your best to get as much footage as possible from your student film directors. 


What if I give you all my stuff and don’t know if I have enough for a demo?


That’s ok! Send it over and I will look through scene after scene for no charge. If I don't think that the footage showcases you well enough, I will contact you and let you know you should consider waiting.  A GOOD demo reel is much more important than just having a demo reel. Sometimes it's better to focus on making one or two clips instead of a full demo.


Can a bad demo hurt me?


YES! No demo is better than a bad demo. Think of it like this…Is it better to go to a casting with no headshot, or a Polaroid of you from 5th grade?


What is the editing process like?


You send me your footage and I will import and rip it all. I will look over the timecode breakdown you've prepared to find out which scenes you're in. Then I will put together an edit that I feel shows off your talent and send it to you to watch. You'll let me know if there are scenes you'd rather have, an order of clips that you prefer change in fonts, music, etc. and we'll tweak it to get it just right. After that, I'll send you your final as a high quality MP4 that you can load on IMDB, Actors Access, Casting Networks, your website, or anywhere else.


How long does it take?


It depends on the amount of work going into it. If the clips need a lot of massaging to get a scene to maximize your performance, it could take a little longer. Two weeks is standard, but I can usually be done faster than that. If you need something expedited, I'll always work hard to honor that!





Can I create a VO reel even if I haven't yet been hired to do voiceover work?


YES! Voiceover is unique. While on-camera acting reels have to be a compilation of work you've actually done, voiceover reels can be created just by finding great scripts that show off your range.


Do I pick the scripts or do you?


Mainly you, but I'll definitely weigh in in our session. When you book your session, I'll email you hundreds of choices for scripts, but you're also welcome to bring in anything you find that you like. While we're recording, we'll work together to find the perfect variation of scripts to really show you off.