ClassAct Studios
11561 Lake Underhill Rd, Orlando, FL 32825

Chris is a delight. He is easy to work with, understands actors, offers reasonable prices, and delivers a professional looking reel for talent from all levels of acting.



Extremely professional and a gifted artist, Chris is easy to work with and a great sounding board. He’s a wonderful collaborator, but is able to offer keen insight and guidance based on his experience that really shows in the final edit. Highly recommend.



Great clips and the timing on them is excellent.



As someone who’s edited reels for actors before, and may be in L.A. within a year editing TV and movies, It’s near editing perfection.



Chris is fantastic to work with. He is a perfectionist and cares about making the best demo reel as if it was his own. He takes the acting roles and edits them to produce the most beneficial product to bring success to your career. And his turnaround time is great!