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With Lauren O'Quinn

This seminar is tailored to the experienced actor who wants to take their career to the next level AND the beginning actor hungry for industry knowledge.  If you ever NEED to take a seminar, this one is it!

11 am - 5 pm
Tuition:  $125 
(plus $4.50 PayPal fee)

If you've ever asked yourself (or others) questions like:

  • Why didn't I get invited for that audition, but my friend (who's the same type) did?

  • What does "first refusal" really mean?

  • I have three 3 agents... why didn't any of them call me?

  • What actually makes a "good" headshot?

  • What makes a taped audition stand out?

  • Why don't I get asked to tape auditions more often?

  • How many different headshots do I need? 

  • Do I really need a reel?

  • What's the correct billing for film?  For TV?  (And no - "principal" isn't correct for either!)

  • How do I know if I have a good reel...or if it's doing more damage than good?

  • What am I supposed to look for when I sign a contract?

  • Should I get an agent in another market?

  • How do I work in ATLANTA?

  • Do I need a manager?

  • Should I join SAG-AFTRA?


Then this workshop is for you!  We'll cover those topics and many, many more!  

  • The Actor's Toolkit (Headshots, Resume, Reel - what you need and how to improve it)

  • The Actor/Agent relationship (how to be your agent's GO TO person, how to build trust, what your agent really wants from you, your responsibilities vs. their responsibilities, etc.)

  • Correct billing for film, television, commercial, and theatre credits

  • Union vs. non-union

  • Multi-listing and if it's for you

  • Tapings - what's required and how to get your tape noticed!

  • Casting websites - how to maximize your presence

  • Online submissions - what makes a casting director choose your friend and not you

  • Contracts (how to read them, what to look for, how often you're agreeing to things you never meant to)

  • Buyout terms

  • Rate vs. usage (how to know if it's a project worth doing)

  • Industry terms explained (right to work state, in-perpetuity, first refusal, avail, B-roll, etc.)

  • How things really work on the casting side

  • What casting directors can - and can't - do for you

  • Payment times on non-union jobs - who gets paid when

  • How to get copies of your footage

  • PLUS a Q & A session!  Get your personal questions answered!


Class size is very limited to allow for maximum one-on-one attention.  Seats fill up fast.



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